What a Change

So as this is mostly a journal for me at this point, it's time to come clean about all the changes I've made.

I'm painfully new to the whole self publishing thing as will be apparent shortly, although I'm keeping my old blog posts up - mostly because they amuse me. Anyone else find their past selves extremely funny and naive? No? Just me then.

I've switched gears from AfterEnd to another story called The Expansion Chronicles. I did this for many reasons, one being Serials don't do as well financially and while I'm not one to let that stand in my way, I work full time right now and the sooner I can get out of that place the better. Another reason is that since serials aren't as popular, I wanted to start my career off with as big a bang as possible and a lot of my marketing strategies simply wouldn't work as well with short stories. Along these lines, I've done so much research into this whole shebang and that research helped me refine my publishing plan. And finally, I got hooked by this story and wanted to share that with the world. This is the kind of story that keeps me up at night thinking about it and chomping at the bit to write it.

So long story short: Words From Beyond is my book that will be released this summer! I have a shnazzy new cover for it - which I'm possibly too turned on by. And the story is all but complete. So from now on, there will be updates on that.

Back to writing! And remember;

The stars are within our reach.


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