One Writing and Things

So great news! By this time next week I will be the proud owner of a rough draft of Part I: The New Us! While I still have weeks to go on even letting beta readers see it, it's amazing to me how motivated I've stayed to even write 20,000 words. I really reel like a proffessional sticking with my buisness deadlines even if said deadlines are self imposed.

Speaking from a buisness side of things, I purchased the domain name for this site today, and work on my site, mailing list, blong, and other social media outlets is moving onward and upward! Over all, I feel very accomplished with myself and everything I'm doing now will hopefully pay off next year. By the time it's paying off, no one will probably care about this post except or me, I guess I should start considering this my online journal of my progress.

Anyway Riley has buisness to attend to.


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