The First of Many

Hello to the vast void that is the Interweb! I've been writing my whole life and wanted to have it known here and now that I will be published in January. Of course I'm still halfway through writing my first draft on Part I of AfterEnd (which is what I really should be doing now instead of blogging about wanting to write it). Anyway I wanted to write my first couple of posts before the Website goes live to tell the world a little about the project I'm doing so that it's here whenever I finally do publish (Hopefully by January 15th if I can stay on schedule like I have)

AfterEnd isn't written like your typical work of fiction. I want it to feel like much more than a trilogy or a saga. It's written in twelve parts and is paced much more like a t.v. show than anything else. The twists and turns are crammed into little action packed sequences that should only take an hour or two to read - much like watching your favorite late night drama. If all goes according to plan the whole series will be out by this time next year.

I hope that you all enjoy your journey this next year and will stick with me to the end.

With all of this being said, I should really get back to Ruby... She needs me.

Til the End and After,


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