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Expansion Chronicles Book Two

It’s been three months since the Aranean ship attacked. At President Martinez’s request, Ilaria has spent that time transporting scientists to and from the surface of Earth to study the plague that almost wiped out human life on the planet. The President hopes that The Coalition can one day return to the world that had once been its home. However, on the last day of Ilaria’s mission she is attacked by a man who makes it clear that the Coalitionists are notwelcome.

Meanwhile, a recovered Ion has been struggling with the continued absence of Livia and Arsen.  With Ilaria still not having visited him, he’s found himself frequenting the bar. There, he tries his best to drink his hurt away, but when a hook up ends with two dead, he’s pulled into a new mystery involving Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter.

Ion goes to a grudging Ilaria begging for help and soon the two discover that there are those who are willing to do anything in their power to stop the Coalitionists from ever setting foot on Earth. To make matters worse, Ilaria realizes that she may be responsible for bringing the very woman who murdered a world right into the heart of The Coalition.

Subterfuge is book two in The Expansion Chronicles.


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